Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I listened to a wonderful interview on NPR this morning.

The inventor of the Six-Word Memoirs project (a guy from Smith Magazine) was talking about a clever little idea that has now become a popular medium for pithy storytelling:  people of all ages, shapes, and sizes are asked to submit their life-stories in 6 words- yes- just 6 short words.  It is amazing what you can pack into a short sentence. 

He waited forty-seven years for me.

Raised by crazies.  Keeping up tradition.

Finally happily married, gone too soon.

"Girlfriend's Pregnant" husband said to wife.

Born under fascism. Thrived in democracy.

Each student equals one gray hair.

Laundry never done, children always dressed.

I like this clever idea.  On this Valentine's Day, I'll write my own little love memoir for Clark. If you write your own, do share.

Exuberance outshines reticence: love blossoms, marries.

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