Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm getting hitched

When I told my Swedish friend, Micke, that I was getting hitched he said, "Congratulations! You are pregnant!"

I was bewildered and said, "No, I'm getting married."

Micke was bemused. He thought "getting hitched" meant that something was hitching itself to me, like a wee baby (not a spouse). Wouldn't want that rumor flying around, eh? So, no, I am not pregnant. And yes, I am getting married!

Hooray for love and joy and marriage and friendship, etc, etc.

We're getting married on All Saints Day, which I love because there are so many saints who will not be with us in the flesh, but will certainly be with us in other ways. Clark and I are getting married at pretty Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian and then heading over to Alhambra Hall for the reception. I like having the wedding in such a historic place-- so many important things have happened in that building (from serving as a hospital in the Civil War to a school in Reconstruction). I like that we will add our little wedding to the list.

Fingers crossed, there won't be a hurricane to bother us.

Clark and I are having a good time making plans. We are waging war against the very powerful 'Wedding Industrial Complex' here in the States. Do you know how much garbage people want you to buy or believe in just to make this day "the most perfect day of your life." Yuck. I bought my dress off the rack and when I asked the gal how many fittings would be necessary for alterations she said, "We like to give girls at least 3 or 4 fittings, so they have time to lose weight."

Ponder that one for a second.

Seriously?!?! You say this to women!?!!?

There is much silliness, but deep down I confess I love some of this party planning. I want to jump out of my skin with excitement when I think of all the wonderful people that will be together in one space for the affair. Clark and I have officiated at a million weddings, of course, so it will be interesting to be on the other side this time. My 6 year old nephew Tyson has said he'd be willing to read in the service, but "does not prefer the Old Testament." Tough cookie, we'll see what we can scrounge up for him.