Sunday, May 22, 2011

Apocalypse Nope

I thought I might be the only one in a blogging slump, but I've noticed recently that most of my blogging buddies are sharing less and less these days. What's with the lethargy? Have we finally decided that full public disclosure is really a needless contribution to the mad cacophony in the world? Maybe we have we realized our thoughts and observations of the world are intensely ordinary and aren't worth talking about. On a more hopeful note, maybe some of us are standing back in awe these days? There is plenty in this world worth quiet reverence: love, loss, and the intense, magnificent weirdness of people.

Por ejemplo, i.e., the Apocalypse prediction. God Almighty. I fiercely ignored the talk of the earth's immanent destruction because anyone who knows anything about Jesus or the New Testament knows that this was a stupid prophecy. Some old radio evangelist predicts the end of the world and a bunch of people sell all their goods in preparation for the big day? Who ARE these people? And why doesn't anyone actually know ANYTHING about the Bible? Redemption and healing, people. That's the message.

I spent Friday afternoon with my hands in the dirt. My friend Peg had bought a bunch of plants that needed planting, so I weeded and watered and moved earth around while I considered some of the conversations I have had in the last week. I am amazed at some of the advice people bestow in the midst of a job search. "If you are faithful like me, God will guide you into the right situation."

Seriously? I suppose, much advice comes from the same place in people. Whether you are warning folks of immanent apocalyptic death, interpreting honorable living according to Scripture (gay ordination debate), or explaining why I am unemployed and they are employed (or why your baby died and mine did not), it comes from a longing for control and a fear of the unknown.


Perhaps this is where I end and go take a shower for the day. I'm meeting my Dad in Olympia for a date. I've got bigger fish to fry than sit at a computer right now- heck, according to that radio prophet we've all got a new lease on life! It is May 22, 2011 and the world has not come to an end. Selah.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Seattle,

I love you. I love the Ballard Farmer's Market. I love all the people here who care about the earth and drink coffee and sing sad songs on the street corners. You're weather is unimaginably grim this time of year, but thank you for the generous glimpses of spring. You do an excellent job with Evergreens and I really think you should show off your mountains more. No need to be shy-- they are truly one of your best features.

Love, Carmen

P.S. I am about to post pictures of my trip to Florida. Don't be jealous. Do not feel that I have abandoned my love for you in exchange for warm, sunny skies and white sandy beaches. You are BOTH beautiful. Just saying.

What I was doing last Monday:

What I am doing this Monday:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thoughts on Mom

Mother's Day. Not my favorite. Today at church someone tried to pin a red carnation on my sweater in honor of my mother. But red carnations were "given in honor of living mothers," a woman said. I snatched a white carnation instead and pinned it to my chest. My mother is dead. White carnations are for the dead.

I was feeling sour as I marched around the church, ever mindful of that spindly white flower drooping over my heart.

My mom died almost 11 years ago. 4,001 days without a mom, to be exact. There are many things I miss, of course. Today I miss her laugh. Wish she could have been sitting with me in that little church this morning. I preached today and I rather think she would have enjoyed hearing me preach.

This day is full of goodness, of course. We have good reason to celebrate the sisters who love and nurture the human race, but to all of you who feel a twinge of sadness this day, peace be with you, my dears. Peace.