Thursday, July 30, 2009

Espresso in July

I went to an Italian coffee bar with my friend Doug yesterday. That’s right. Italian coffee bar. Did you know that you are supposed to stand at the counter and drink your espresso? You are not allowed to sit at a table unless you want to order little bits to nibble. That is lame. But the espresso was damn good.

In many European countries I hear that percolated coffee at work is nearly unheard of. You go out for a coffee break. I like this idea. It seems much more social.

Interesting that I just used a curse word here. I was reminded yesterday in a phone call that ministers/pastors/church leaders are held to a different standard by some and that curse words are not supposed to be part of the vocabulary. This was a startling reminder because I can barely do “Me” without being a fictitious, delightfully well-behaved “Pretend-Me.” Hmm. Something to think on.

I have accepted a position in Philadelphia, so soon I will be off to the "City of Brotherly Love" to live and work (scrimp by in the beginning) splitting my time between a very traditional Presbyterian church and a very non-traditional ministry in the arts district. Guess which one I am most excited about.

This is a pic of Ida, one of my Norwegian friends, in Central Park. I hope to go to Norway this September. Plans are still in the works, but I bought a book on Scandinavia yesterday. Since I won't be making much money next year I figure I should travel while I can (you type A folks are probably choking right now). Three countries, four cities in 2 weeks. Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Funny thing-- all the people I will be visiting I spent time with in Africa-- my cousins (who live in Denmark) and fabulous Norwegian and Swedish volunteers/students I met in Zambia. I am so excited!