Friday, September 21, 2012

A Shout Out to the Single Ladies

In August Clark and I spent some time in the teeming metropolis of Canby, Oregon (dripping with sarcasm) where we went to the Molalla County Fair and Rodeo with my sis and brother-in-law.  The announcer rode out on horseback and gave his opening spiel, at one point asking all the single ladies in the house to give a shout.  Instinctually, I let out a whoop and threw my fist in the air as my beloved fiancĂ© sat next to me, sugary sweet elephant ear in hand.  

As I stood, measuring the crowd to see if I was the OLDEST single woman in the bunch, it dawned on me that the announcer wasn’t talking to me.  Apologizing profusely to Clark, I sat down slightly dumbstruck, and tried to calculate how old the single bull riders were when I was in high school.  Pre-school I think.

It’s a weird thing- switching categories.  Last night I talked to a really good friend from Philly who said, “I cannot believe you are getting married.”  She really meant it.  She cannot believe I am getting married.  It feels like I left Philadelphia 2 weeks ago, not almost 2 YEARS ago.  And back when I was living in Philadelphia I was nursing an inconsolable broken heart, dating a host of ridiculous men, and living with the certainty that marriage and babies was not in the cards.

And that was perfectly okay with me.  IT WAS AND IS PERFECTLY OKAY AND WONDERFUL AND GREAT AND RICH AND GOOD, the single life. Lonely as crap at times, but uniquely good, good, good.

Someone here in Mt. Pleasant, SC said to me the other day, “I cannot believe what a varied life you’ve led!” 

“A perk to living single” I replied.

This is the thing.  Life does not begin when you get married.  It doesn’t.  And I am certain life doesn’t begin when you have a baby or two.  This path is fabulous and I am looking forward to adventuring with Clark.  But for all of the single gals who could CARE LESS about wedding invitations and showers, irritating schmaltzy facebook status updates from married folk who go on and on about their partner or their garden, and the frustrating looks of sympathy from your boring married friends, keep on keeping on sisters! There is room for us all and we need one another, whether we are oldy moldy (all 20 year-olds think 34 year-olds are ancient), young and perky, and everything in between. 

Life is like a high school girl's bathroom. Sometimes you need to fight thru the drama surrounded by a group of women who will linger with you in front of the mirror, pass over a little mascara, and swat you on the behind as you walk out that door.

I’m wearing a white dress 6 weeks from now and will say vows with the fullness of my heart and voice, but don’t worry single Chiquita Bananas, I ain’t going anywhere. Nowhere but the dance floor with you.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Now this was exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living in Charleston has all kinds of perks. Perched on the coast, we are surrounded by water. Two rivers, the Ashley and the Cooper, come together "to form the Atlantic Ocean" (no joke, people have said this). I have met all kinds of wonderful people eager to introduce Clark and I to the fishing,shrimping, and boating culture.

Last weekend we went out to Bulls Bay with a couple of new friends, Wade and Diane, who helped me catch this whopper! A 39 inch Red Drum.

I loved that fish. I told her so.

And then I released her back into the ocean where she belongs.